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The Fund encompasses a Hybrid Strategy which ultimately focusses on achieving long-term capital growth.

Top-Down (Index tracking – mainstream equities)

The fund invests in both leading developed market indices, and possibly emerging markets, in order to provide an equity performance relative to the MSCI World Index. Fundamental research, in conjunction with in-depth technical analysis, enables the Investment Advisor to over-weight or under-weight appropriate indices with the sole objective of out-performing the MSCI World Index.

Bottom-Up (Best stock ideas – additives)

A typical global equity fund holds on average, 60 – 70 stocks. Empirically, an accumulation of so many stocks, other than for diversification purposes, does not necessarily produce 60 – 70 best stock ideas. Therefore, the fund seeks to invest in a concentrated portfolio,(approximately 10 stocks) representing the best ideas of the Investment Advisor.